About LSEA

Let’s Speak English Academy (LSEA) founded in 2009 by Mrs. Radhika Wahi is an institute dedicated towards honing the inter-personal skills, soft skills and communication skills of its students. What started off in 2009 as a class purely focused on improving one’s Speech and Drama techniques, today has become the pioneer of overall confidence and personality development centers in the city of Surat.

The institute believes strongly in working at the grass root level i.e. School – going children, as they are in the perfect state of mind and body to moulded into a more confident, expressive and smart individual versions of them. The graduates of LSEA’s programs not only come out as unique personalities but also add value to society, in turn contributing to the growth and development of our city, state and country as well.

Our Vision

To become a catalyst in creating a generation of educated and smart individuals for the betterment of our society.

Our Mission

To pioneer the growth of talented, expressive and fluent English speaking youth in the city of Surat.

About Radhika Wahi

Mrs. Radhika Wahi is a skill trainer and coach in Theatre Arts, Communication Skills in English and Self Development to people who are seeking improvements in their lives on personal, social and professional levels.

Mrs. Radhika Wahi is responsible for the inception of Trinity College courses being taken up by people of Surat and currently is at the designation of ‘Associate Support Consultant’ on academic courses at Trinity India.

Mrs. Radhika Wahi is a commerce graduate from the Guru Nanak Dev University, Punjab.
She also holds 2 of the Most Valued Trinity Certificates in her field.

  • Associate of Trinity College London (ATCL) Degree in Speech and Drama
  • Professional Certificate in Communication Skills (PCCS) Diploma

She has been able to formulate teaching methods, techniques and curriculums using the knowledge gained at Trinity and adding her own style and touch to create the best suited formula to change and transform the lives of her students.
She firmly believes:
“You cannot dream yourself into a character, you must hammer and forge yourself one”